Evaluations for April 15, 2021

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2:50 pm–3:00 pm
Welcome and Introductions

Akbar Panju​

3:00 pm–3:27 pm
Obesity Management in 2021

Sean Wharton
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3:27 pm–3:54 pm
Oncological Emergencies (including side effects of new cancer treatments

Aly-Khan Lalani
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3:54 pm–4:20 pm
Update on Prostate cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment

Edward Matsumoto
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4:20 pm–4:40 pm
Break/Virtual Exhibit Hall


4:40 pm–5:07 pm
How to approach abnormal liver function tests

Barry Lumb
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5:07 pm–5:34 pm
Cirrhosis: diagnosis and management

Marco Puglia
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5:34 pm–6:00 pm
Performing a Pre-operative Evaluation

Flavia Kessler-Borges
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